Münster, Germany

Rail Guide to Münster


The German town of Münster is not to be confused with the French Munster, where the famous soft cheese is made. However given that it was named the world’s most liveable city in 2004 it’s not short on culinary offerings, most of which are located on the Kreativkai waterfront. This is also where you’ll find most of the town’s nightlife. There are more eateries and pubs in the Ludgeri quarter in the old town.

It's perhaps most famous of the St.-Paulus-Dom Münster (cathedral) in the old town, but there is also a concentration of tourist attractions around Lake Aa, including a zoo, planetarium and the Westphalian Horse Museum, while locals cycle, jog or hire rowing boats. Münster is also home to the Pablo Picasso Museum of Graphic Art, the only museum in the world devoted to the graphic art of the great painter.