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Münster lies in the north west of Germany and is plugged right into the country's road network being the meeting point of several trunk roads and just off the main A1 motorway. The train station is also very well connected to the transport network. On arrival at the station just to the east of the main city centre, nearly all of the central tourist destinations are easily accessible on foot. If you do have a bicycle however, you can make full use of the comprehensive cycle paths which have arguably made this the cycling capital of the country!

Stations in Münster

Münster (Westf) Hbf 1.1 km
Münster 1.5 km
Münster (W) Zentrum Nord 2.1 km

Germany rail map showing Münster

Germany rail map showing Münster
Line Key
high speed and fast intercity trains available
normal train services available

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