Rostock, Germany

Rail Guide to Rostock


Known as “the gateway to Scandinavia”, there are gothic buildings that could belong to a fantasy world in Rostock. The town is nearly 800 years old, and luckily much has been preserved from the Middle Ages such as the red brick warehouses, St. Peter’s Church with its enormous steeple, and the old city forts and gates. Even the University of Rostock dates back to the 15th century, making it one of the oldest in the world. Also of interest are the gabled fishermen’s houses and the 13th century Town Hall. After all this sightseeing you can relax by the seaside at the Warnemünde resort, which has a promenade lined with boutiques, bars and restaurants.

At the port you can buy fish that’s just come off the boat, and make sure you try Mecklenburg’s roast ribs too, a local favourite. Rostocker Doppelkümmel, a type of schnapps made with caraway seeds, is the local tipple.