Rotterdam Train Stations and Maps

Main train stations and a country view rail map


There are many ways to start your trip to Rotterdam:

Located north of the city, Rotterdam Airport offers regular flights to the major cities of neighbouring countries. The city’s airport, formerly known as ZestienhovenAirport is the third largest airport in the country.

Once you arrive at the airport there are RET Airport Shuttle services (number 33) every ten minutes to Rotterdam Central Station with an approximate journey time of just 20 minutes. Tickets can be bought from the driver. There is also a night shuttle service to the airport called Nightnet. It’s the RET bus number B12 departing from bus stop DD outside Rotterdam Central Station.

Rotterdam has four major train lines that serve the city’s stations; Rotterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Blaak, Rotterdam Alexander, Rotterdam Noord, Rotterdam Zuid and Rotterdam Lombardijen. From Rotterdam, there are train services to Belgium and France (via the high speed Thalys trains) as well as good services to other cities in The Netherlands.

A fast ferry service taking about 1 hour operates between Rotterdam - Dordrecht – Rotterdam every 30 minutes.

Major Rail Stations in Rotterdam

Netherlands rail map showing Rotterdam

Netherlands rail map showing Rotterdam
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high speed and fast intercity trains available
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