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Amsterdam Netherlands 58 km
Antwerp Belgium 78 km
Bruges Belgium 117 km
Brussels Belgium 120 km
Ypres Belgium 162 km
Duisburg Germany 167 km
Aachen Germany 169 km
Binche Belgium 169 km
Lille France 173 km
Düsseldorf Germany 177 km
Essen Germany 183 km
Wuppertal Germany 201 km
Cologne Germany 204 km
Rheine Germany 206 km
Dortmund Germany 211 km
Calais France 211 km
Münster Germany 217 km
Bonn Germany 225 km
Siegburg Germany 227 km
Boulogne-sur-Mer France 239 km

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Zomer Carnaval Various venues around Rotterdam

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