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Local languageSpannish
Country Spain


Soria, located in north-central Spain, is the capital of the Soria provincia (province), in the autonomous community of Castile-León. Situated on the western bank of the Duero River about 230 km northeast of Madrid, the city is well-known for its walls (it was initially built as a fortress to protect against invasions from Aragón) and a number of architecturally interesting churches such as the Monasterio de San Jaun de Duero or the Ermita de San Saturio which are situated on the outskirts of Soria.

During the economical crisis in the early 20th century, and the Spanish Civil War followed by Franco's dictatorship, the city was badly affected and many people left the area or emigrated. Today the local authorities are try to boost Soria’s economy by using Soria's potential appeal as a tourist destination.

With a population of almost 40,000 people, Soria is the local centre in terms of culture and also nightlife. Although a somewhat idyllic little city, Sorai has an amazing nightlife with countless bars and clubs, especially around the so called ‘La Zona’ area.

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Event (During June)
Paso del Fuego Chapel Virgen de la Peña, San Pedro Manrique