Paso del Fuego

The night of St John is a festivity of national touristic interest

Paso del Fuego

On the 23rd of June each year, the Virgin de la Peña chapel is the setting of an ancient ritual that combines bravado and legend. At around 9pm a bonfire is prepared with over a thousand kilos of oak wood, chosen because it burns easily. Then a path of coals is laid out, which becomes a red hot carpet that a dozen participants run over at the stroke of midnight, often carrying someone on their shoulders. Tradition says that those who walk on the coals achieve immortality, that only the locals don't get burns, and that the women dressed in customary white bearing wicker baskets represent Celtiberian priestesses.

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Location map

Map showing the location of Paso del Fuego

Getting to Paso del Fuego by train

Unfortunately there isn't a good train service to the area, so you are likely to be forced to use alternative means. It lies approximately 45 minutes from Soria station, which itself is well connected.

Visitor information table

AddressChapel Virgen de la Peña, San Pedro Manrique
Telephone+34 975 381 001
Dates June

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