It’s free to attend, and the events last for four days.

This festival has been going for centuries – its original purpose was for fishermen to pay homage to the river, the source of their livelihood. Traditionally, they would feast on spit-roasted oxen, drink copious amounts of wine and enjoy a firework display. Today the wine still flows from the Fountain of Justice, the fireworks still take place, and additionally there is a fairground, live music, children’s games, tombolas and shooting ranges. It’s free to attend, and the events last for four days.

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Transport connections near to Mainfest

Frankfurt (M) Hauptwache Transport: Trains 0.4 km
Frankfurt (M) Konstablerwache Transport: Trains 0.6 km
Frankfurt (M) Taunusanlage Transport: Trains 1.0 km

Visitor information table

AddressRömerberg, Main Quay, Frankfurt
Dates August

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