Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling

Contestants chase a cheese wheel down a steep hill! What's not to like.
Every Year at Coopers hill near Gloucester an incredible competition is held. The Coopers hill cheese rolling was traditionally only for the residents of the local village of Brockworth but now anyone can watch and compete. The event involves contestants rolling a cheese wheel down a steep hill and chasing after it which can lead to some very funny but also painful moments. Nevertheless it is a great event to watch with the entire family.

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Getting to Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling by train

By car coopers hill is only about 15 minutes away from Gloucester train station.

Transport connections near to Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling

Gloucester Transport: Trains 6.4 km
Cheltenham Spa Transport: Trains 8.3 km

Visitor information table

AddressGreen St., Brockworth GL3 4SB
Dates May

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