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Malmo Sweden 18 km
Odense Denmark 141 km
Binz Germany 155 km
Stralsund Germany 155 km
Aarhus Denmark 161 km
Rostock Germany 178 km
Züssow Germany 197 km
Kiel Germany 215 km
Flensburg Germany 222 km
Aalborg Denmark 224 km
Gothenburg Sweden 231 km
Schwerin Germany 238 km
Neubrandenburg Germany 238 km
Rendsburg Germany 240 km
Neumünster Germany 243 km
Niebüll Germany 257 km
Neustrelitz Germany 257 km
Husum Germany 261 km
Ludwigslust Germany 270 km
Heide Germany 276 km

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Visitor Attraction
Indre By Copenhagen Centre
Visitor Attraction
Tivoli Vesterbrogade 3
Visitor Attraction
Little Mermaid Den Lille Havfrue
Visitor Attraction
Frederiksborg Slot 3400 Hillerod
Visitor Attraction
Den Hirschsprungske Samling Stockholmsgade 20
Visitor Attraction
Lille Molle Christianshavn Voldgade 54
Visitor Attraction
Hay. Cph Pilestraede 29-31
Visitor Attraction
Yo-Yo Skt Annae Gade 31
Visitor Attraction
Rhein van Hauen Mikkels Bryggers Gade 2–4
Event (During July)
Trailerpark Festival CPH Skatepark, Enghavevej 80-82, 2450 Denmark