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Bangor Wales 143 km
Belfast Northern Ireland 149 km
Derry Northern Ireland 194 km
Cork Ireland 214 km
Blackpool England 222 km
Manchester England 269 km
Hereford England 276 km
Cardiff Wales 290 km

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St Patrick's Festival Picture
Event (During March)
St Patrick's Festival Starting Parnell Square
Bloomsday Picture
Event (During June)
Bloomsday Various venues across Dublin
Visitor Attraction
Dublinia Christ Church, St Michael's Hill
Visitor Attraction
Oscar Wilde House American College Dublin, 1 Merrion Square
Visitor Attraction
Chimney Smithfield Village
Visitor Attraction
Dublin Castle Cork Hill, Dame St
Visitor Attraction
Guinness Storehouse St James's Gate
Visitor Attraction
Fallon & Byrne 11-17 Exchequer Street
Visitor Attraction
Circus Store & Gallery Southside, 2nd fl, Powerscourt Townhouse Shopping Centre
Visitor Attraction
Sheridan's Cheesemongers 11 Anne Street South
Event (During July)
Festival of World Cultures Various venues around Dublin

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