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Mannheim Germany 18 km
Karlsruhe Germany 48 km
Darmstadt Germany 52 km
Mainz Germany 73 km
Stuttgart Germany 78 km
Frankfurt Germany 79 km
Wurzburg Germany 100 km
Kehl Germany 112 km
Strasbourg France 114 km
Saarbrücken Germany 123 km
Forbach France 131 km
Giessen Germany 131 km
Koblenz Germany 131 km
Cochem Germany 136 km
Ansbach Germany 138 km
Fulda Germany 146 km
Ulm Germany 147 km
Trier Germany 152 km
Kordel Germany 155 km
Igel Germany 157 km

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Heidelberg Castle Schloßstraße, 69117 Heidelberg

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