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Local languageCzech
Country Czech Republic


Klatovy, in western Bohemia, also known as "Gate to Sumava", has more than 23 thousand inhabitants, and is an important administrative centre for the region.

Klatovy, which was founded around 1260, is dominated by the famous Black Tower and the twin white towers of the Jesuit church completed in 1679. Located at the crossroads of important historic trade routes (Prague to Passau/Straubing), Klatovy became very wealthy in the 16th century, to the extent that it was one of the richest Czech towns of the time.

Today, Klatovy attracts large numbers of visitors, particularly because of the catacombs underneath the Jesuit church, in which Jesuits and their disciples have been buried. Unlike other catacombs, Klatovy’s catacombs do not have bones on display but the actual bodies that were naturally mummified by keeping a stable temperature and humidity. The Archeacon's church and the Baroque pharmacy "At the White Unicorn" also attract tourists to the town, whilst the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the castles of Klenov and Svihov (situated outside of Klatovy) also boost this relatively recent industry.

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Mountain Bike Marathon Starting in the Market Square, Klatovy