Odense Denmark

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CurrencyDanish Kroner
Local languageDanish
Country Denmark


Odense (the name refers to Norse god Odin) is Denmark’s third largest city. With a population of over 187,000, Odense is the main city of the island of Funen.

Odense offers extensive pedestrian-only streets, a variety of museums, cafes, shops and restaurants. The main attractions include ‘Sankt Knuds Kirke’( Saint Canute's Cathedral), constructed of brick in the Gothic style, the original cathedral was built in 1081 but re-built in the 13th century. Under the altar, ‘Knud’,the patron saint of Denmark is buried.

Apart from being Denmark’s no. 1 cycle town, Odense is also known for its narrow cobbled streets, intimate cafés and restaurants, theatres, festivals and, of course, Hans Christian Andersen. Odense offers plenty of things to do and see; you can visit the Andersen museum, the Carl Nielsen (famous Danish composer) Museum or Egeskov Castle; you can check out new art at the trendy Brandts’ Klædefabrik or go to Den Fynske Landsby, an open air museum where you can look at ancient rural buildings.

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