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Local languageGerman
Country Germany


Trier lies on the banks of the Moselle in Western Germany. Believed to be founded around 16BC it claims to be the oldest city in Germany. Whilst there are other cities who also lay claim to the title Trier is the only one that claims to have been a city the longest, rather than an army settlement that later grew into a city. After destruction by Germanic tribes in the 5th century, the great city became a small town and despite it's 100,000 strong population retains that small town atmosphere today.

As a hugely important city in European history Trier has plenty of things to keep visitors occupied. From the stunningly preserved Porta Nigra (Roman city gate), the imposing Constantine Basilica through to the Roman amphitheatre there are plenty of historic sights dotted around the city that will keep you busy.

With fast rail connections to Luxembourg and Koblenz it's a very easy city to get to. We'd highly recommend a visit if you're planning on spending time in Germany.

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