Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Be immersed into a wonderful winter fairytale of events, music and celebration..

Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Starting at the beginning of December, the Dubrovnik Winter Festival is intertwined with Christmas. It officially starts when the festive lights are turned on, lighting up most of the city's landmarks till the first week of January. A Christmas market takes place in the old town, selling decorations, candles, crafts and food - don't miss out on local delicacies like roasted candied almonds and Croatian Christmas cake. There are outdoor classical concerts and performances from famous national pop singers, nativity plays, carol singing in the streets and firework displays. The festival culminates on New Year's Day with a ball, oysters and champagne.

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Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Getting to Dubrovnik Winter Festival by train

Sadly, the beautiful city of Dubrovnik is still not connected to a rail network, and therefore it makes it slightly trickier to reach. However, we wouldn't be featuring it if it wasn't worth it, so the effort of getting a direct bus from Zagreb or Split, both of which are connected to other European cities via the high speed network, is well worth it.

Please note that the bus service from Split/Zagreb is not included in your Eurail pass.

Nearest Train Stations to Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Dubrovnik 1.3 km
Mokosica 3.8 km
Čibača 5.3 km

Visitor information table

AddressBrsalje 5, 20000 Dubrovnik, Hrvatska
Telephone020 / 312-011
Dates December to January

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