Le Grand Pruneau Show

Agen celebrates it's status as the capital of the dried fruit!

Le Grand Pruneau Show

This festival's name literally translates as "the great prune show", as Agen is the capital of the dried fruit. Taking place during the last weekend of August, the programme includes live concerts, film screenings, circus workshops, sport tournaments and of course prune tastings. Most of the performances are in the main square Place du Dr Esquirol, next to the town hall, while the surrounding streets are closed to traffic to make room for marching bands, circus performers and chef demonstrations. Having begun in 2005, the festival has steadily grown in size and importance, from an initial audience of 30,000 to a crowd of 125,000 in 2017.

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Map showing the location of Le Grand Pruneau Show

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Le Grand Pruneau Show

Getting to Le Grand Pruneau Show by train

The main train station (Gare d'Agen) lyies on the northern boundary of the town centre, and is just a 10 minute walk from the Place du Dr Esquirol where the "great prune show" takes place. When trying to get around the town centre during the festival, use the Coeur d'Agen shuttle, details of which can be found on the event website.

Nearest Train Stations to Le Grand Pruneau Show

Agen 0.7 km
Agen Université 1.2 km
Agen Payou 1.5 km

Visitor information table

AddressPlace du Dr Esquirol 47000
Dates August to September

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