Sun in a Glass Microbrewery Festival

The home of Pilsner larger hosts a festival of microbreweries

Sun in a Glass Microbrewery Festival

Unsurprisingly the home of Pilsner lager has a number of events throughout the year that celebrate the golden beverage. One of the oldest is Sun in a Glass, a festival of microbreweries that takes place at Purkmistr Brewery, where they pride themselves on using only Czech ingredients to brew their beer using traditional methods. Over 70 different microbreweries from the Czech Republic and abroad gather to showcase their beers over the course of the weekend. In addition there is food as well as competitions, music, dance, tours of the brewery and a souvenirs market.

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Map showing the location of Sun in a Glass Microbrewery Festival

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Sun in a Glass Microbrewery Festival

Getting to Sun in a Glass Microbrewery Festival by train

The brewery lies around 6km south of the central station in Pilsen, and although it can be reached on foot, most people will probably prefer to take the short walk to the number 13 bus, which will take you within a couple of minutes' walk of the Purkmistr Brewery Yard.

Visitor information table

CountryCzech Republic
AddressPurkmistr Brewery Yard, 326 00 Pilsen
Telephone+420 377 994 311
Dates September

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