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Your guide to Eurail and Interrail Passes

With so many rail passes to choose from it can get confusing when you're not sure what you need for your trip. We've tried to simplify things a little by showing you your options based on where you live.
Your Journey Non-European Resident info European Resident info
Travel in all of Europe Eurail Global Pass Interrail Global Pass
Travel in a region 4 adjoining countries
Eurail Select Pass

Austria and Switzerland Eurail Pass
Austria and Czech Republic Eurail Pass
Austria and Hungary Eurail Pass
Benelux and France Eurail Pass
Austria - Slovenia / Croatia Eurail Pass
France - Italy Eurail Pass
France - Spain Eurail Pass
France and Switzerland Eurail Pass
France and Germany Eurail Pass
Germany - Benelux Eurail Pass
Germany - Denmark Eurail Pass
Germany and Switzerland Eurail Pass
Germany and Austria Eurail Pass
Greece - Italy Eurail Pass
Hungary - Slovenia / Croatia Eurail Pass
Romania - Hungary Eurail Pass
Spain - Portugal Eurail Pass
Interrail Global Pass
Travel in one country Austrian Rail Pass
Bulgaria Rail Pass
Czech Republic Rail Pass
European East Pass
Finland Rail Pass
France Rail Pass
German Rail Pass
Holland Rail Pass
Hungarian Rail Pass
Italy Rail Card
Norway Rail Pass
Portuguese Rail Pass
Prague Excursion Pass
Romanian Rail Pass
Spain Pass
Sweden Flexi Pass
Switzerland Pass
Interrail Single Country Pass
Travel in the UK Brit Rail Pass
Point to Point Tickets
Tickets for individual journeys
Point to Point Tickets
Tickets for individual journeys

European & UK Residents

You can buy the below passes if you live in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, you can also purchase them if you don't permanently live in these countries buy you can prove that you have lived there for at least the last 6 months.

Non-European Residents

You can buy the passes below if you're not a resident of Europe, UK, the Russian Federation or Turkey. You will need to carry your passport to use Eurail products to prove eligibility.

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