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Your guide to Eurail and Interrail Passes

With so many rail passes to choose from it can get confusing when you're not sure what you need for your trip. We've tried to simplify things a little by showing you your options based on where you live.

European & UK Residents

You can buy the below passes if you live in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, you can also purchase them if you don't permanently live in these countries buy you can prove that you have lived there for at least the last 6 months.

Travel in more than one country

The Interrail Global Pass is a great value rail pass and allows you to travel in any country in the InterRail network, you can buy either flexi or continuous versions of this pass, check out our Interrail Pass page for more information.

Travel in just one country

The single country Interrail Pass is your best bet here. You can select any country and buy a pass to cover travel in that country, check out the list on our Interrail Pass page.

Non-European Residents

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