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CurrencyGBP (Pound Sterling)
Local languageEnglish
Country England


Located in the heart of Wiltshire, Salisbury is a beautiful English city that is well worth a visit on any rail holiday in the UK.

There has been a settlement at the location since prehistory but the Salisbury as we know it today was only established officially around 1215-1225. Throughout the ages Salisbury has been seen as a strategic location and as a result a castle and other important buildings were constructed in the area.

Perhaps the city's best known landmark is Salisbury Cathedral. Built after the city was founded by Bishop Richard Poore it's one of the UK's most impressive Cathedrals and draws in thousands of visitors every year. Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest spire in the UK at 123 metres. The scale of the construction is awe-inspiring especially when considering when and how it was built.

The railway station is a 10 minute walk into the city centre and is well connected as it's a crossing point between two major UK train lines.

Recommended places and events to visit in Salisbury

Visitor Attraction
Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum 65 The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EN
Visitor Attraction
Stonehenge Wiltshire, SP4 7DE
Event (During June)
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge Wiltshire, SP4 7DE
Event (During July)
Larmer Tree Festival Larmer Tree Gardens, Tollard Royal, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 5PX