Berlin Carnival

Taking place in Kreuzberg the streets become awash with colour and music.
Berlin is a hugely multicultural city, with over 450,000 people living in the capital who do not have German citizenship. As with any ethnically diverse city, conflict often arises, therefore in 1995 this carnival was founded to celebrate the different cultures that inhabit side by side, a little along the lines of London’s Notting Hill Carnival. Taking place in Kreuzberg (one of Berlin’s most diverse areas) the streets become awash with colour and music as processions of acrobats, stilt walkers and percussionists march through the city. The event runs over four days, with one being devoted to children. After the parade the party continues with live music, market stalls and other forms of entertainment (even wizardry is not uncommon).

All events are free.

Photo Credit: Daniel Incoronato

Map and hotels near Berlin Carnival

Getting to Berlin Carnival by train

There are lots of public transport options to get to the carnival parade and festival (many streets are blocked to taxis and cars aren't really an option).

The best underground stops for the carnival are:
U1, U3, U6 Hallesches Tor
U6, U7 Mehringdamm
U7 Südkreuz
U7, U8 Herrmannplatz
U7 Yorckstrasse.

or on the overland 'Strassenbahn' take the S1 or S2 to Yorckstrasse.

In addition, there are two secure bicycle parking locations available in the vicinity (please note bikes cannot be taken to the festival grounds).

Transport connections near to Berlin Carnival

Berlin Yorckstraße (S2) Transport: Trains 0.9 km
Berlin Yorckstraße (S1) Transport: Trains 1.2 km
Berlin Julius-Leber-Brücke Transport: Trains 1.5 km

Visitor information table

AddressKreuzberg area
Telephone+49 (0) 30 346 555 960
Dates June

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