Rijeka Carnival

The world’s third biggest carnival.
Rijeka is famous for its carnival (taking place in January and February each year) which has grown into the world’s third biggest carnival after Rio de Janeiro and Venice. Whilst the carnival and associated masks appear to have their history back as far as the fifteenth century, the modern day carnival was established in 1982; it is now proud of its position in the Top 500 European Events, and the Sunday Times declared it one of the most exotic world events, included in the book “501 must be there events”.

This is a great time to visit, the town really comes alive during the celebrations with over 100 groups taking part and over 10,000 participants in the parade! Spectators line the streets, and gather around the television nationwide, to witness the costumes, floats and to get a taste of the atmosphere.

The carnival is usually held on the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday and starts at around noon.

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Getting to Rijeka Carnival by train

The parade takes place around the town centre, which is closed to traffic. There are bus stations to the east and west of the centre, which are open, and where buses can be parked. The train station lies just west of the town centre, and is within easy walking distance.

Transport connections near to Rijeka Carnival

Rijeka Transport: Trains and Buses 1.1 km

Visitor information table

AddressRijeka Centre
Telephone+385 51 335 882
Dates January to February

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