Champagne Bollinger Tour

Discover the exceptional heritage of Champagne Bollinger
Fancy exploring the Bollinger winemaking process and facilities? It's possible to book tours of the winery and cellars and enjoy hospitality from one of the best known brands from the region.

Visits are appointment only.

There is a shop which is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.

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Getting to Champagne Bollinger Tour by train

Champagne Bollinger is around 1km from Gare d'Ay, it's an easy walk from the station through a very pretty town.

Transport connections near to Champagne Bollinger Tour

Aÿ Transport: Trains 0.9 km
Avenay Transport: Trains 2.7 km
Épernay Transport: Trains and Buses 3.8 km

Visitor information table

Addressde Tassigny, 20 Bd Maréchal de Lattre, 51160 Aÿ-Champagne, France

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