Champagne Dauby Tour

Tour the artisan winegrower Champagne Dauby
Pop in for a visit to the artisan winegrower Champagne Dauby and take a tour of the fermenting rooms and the stunning vaulted chalk cellars deep underground.

Tours must be pre-booked in advance.

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Getting to Champagne Dauby Tour by train

Gare d'Aÿ is less than a km away and the walk to Champagne Dauby is very pleasant through the picturesque village of Aÿ.

Transport connections near to Champagne Dauby Tour

Aÿ Transport: Trains 0.9 km
Avenay Transport: Trains 3.1 km
Épernay Transport: Trains and Buses 3.3 km

Visitor information table

Address22 rue Jeanson51160 Aÿ

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