Fano Carnival

The carnival that showers you with masses of sweets, caramels and chocolates.. what's not to like?

This centuries old carnival dates back to the medieval times and attracts thousands of participants and spectators each year. Expect sweets, chocolate and caramels to be used as ammunition from the passing floats, which spectators often fire back at the entertainers.

Map and hotels near Fano Carnival

Getting to Fano Carnival by train

Trains from the nearby station have regular, daily services throughout the day between Bologna / Rimini - Fano and
also between Provenance Ancona - Fano.

Nearest Train Stations to Fano Carnival

Fano 0.5 km

Visitor information table

AddressPiazza XX Settembre, 61032 Fano, Province of Pesaro and Urbino
Telephone+ 39 0721 803866
Dates February to March

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