Sinterklaas Procession

A Dutch tradition where Sinterklaas goes on a procession through the city of Amsterdam

The Sinterklaas Procession is a Dutch tradition where the Dutch version of Santa clause, Sinterklaas, goes on a procession through the city of Amsterdam on a steamer until he reaches the Scheepvaartmuseum where he is greeted by the mayor and continues the procession on foot. He is accompanied by 600 Pieten (mischievous assistants) as he makes his journey and makes sure to hand out lots of small spiced biscuits called pepernoten on the way.

Map and hotels near Sinterklaas Procession

Getting to Sinterklaas Procession by train

Sinterklaas usually heads right past the Amsterdam train station and most of his other stops aren't far away from the station.

Transport connections near to Sinterklaas Procession

Amsterdam Transport: Various 1.2 km
Amsterdam-Centraal Transport: Trains 1.3 km
Amsterdam Muiderpoort Transport: Trains 2.0 km

Visitor information table

Dates November to December

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