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How far from Salzburg to ...?

Cities and towns close to Salzburg

This table shows the distance in km and miles from Salzburg to each of the other cities featured on European Rail Guide.

Please note the distances are rounded to the nearest mile and show the distance from city centre to city centre in a straight line.

Use this table to see which cities are close to Salzburg so that you can make the most of your trip and see more places.

Distance to other towns and cities

CityCountryDistance kmDistance miles
MunichGermany115 km71 miles
InnsbruckAustria137 km85 miles
Cesky KrumlovCzech Republic146 km91 miles
KlatovyCzech Republic178 km111 miles
PilsenCzech Republic218 km135 miles
UlmGermany236 km147 miles
ViennaAustria252 km156 miles
VeniceItaly268 km166 miles
PragueCzech Republic270 km168 miles
Karlovy VaryCzech Republic271 km168 miles
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RijekaCroatia294 km183 miles
FüssenGermany306 km190 miles
StuttgartGermany306 km190 miles
BratislavaSlovakia306 km190 miles
WurzburgGermany318 km197 miles
ZagrebCroatia319 km198 miles
ZurichSwitzerland341 km212 miles
MeiningenGermany360 km224 miles
HeidelbergGermany367 km228 miles
LeipzigGermany396 km246 miles
FrankfurtGermany409 km254 miles
Dessau-RoßlauGermany452 km281 miles
BudapestHungary453 km281 miles
WittenbergGermany453 km281 miles
KasselGermany467 km290 miles
FlorenceItaly469 km291 miles
GöttingenGermany471 km292 miles
IvreaItaly471 km292 miles
HalberstadtGermany477 km296 miles
KoblenzGermany487 km302 miles
ViareggioItaly488 km303 miles
GenoaItaly494 km307 miles
SiegenGermany500 km311 miles
TrierGermany517 km321 miles
IgelGermany521 km324 miles
BerlinGermany526 km327 miles
WolfsburgGermany538 km334 miles
SiegburgGermany538 km334 miles
BonnGermany540 km335 miles
SplitCroatia545 km338 miles
LuxembourgLuxembourg545 km338 miles
GenevaSwitzerland552 km343 miles
HannoverGermany560 km348 miles
CologneGermany561 km348 miles
KrakowPoland562 km349 miles
WuppertalGermany572 km355 miles
DortmundGermany575 km357 miles
CelleGermany576 km358 miles
TerniItaly583 km362 miles
DüsseldorfGermany591 km367 miles
EssenGermany594 km369 miles
UelzenGermany600 km373 miles
AachenGermany603 km374 miles
MünsterGermany603 km374 miles
Duisburg Germany606 km376 miles
OsnabrückGermany612 km380 miles
NeustrelitzGermany618 km384 miles
LudwigslustGermany623 km387 miles
LueneburgGermany633 km393 miles
NiceFrance638 km396 miles
RheineGermany639 km397 miles
NeubrandenburgGermany640 km397 miles
RomeItaly658 km409 miles
SchwerinGermany658 km409 miles
BremenGermany659 km409 miles
BelgradeSerbia662 km411 miles
LyonFrance665 km413 miles
HamburgGermany674 km419 miles
OldenburgGermany685 km425 miles
ZüssowGermany688 km427 miles
DubrovnikCroatia694 km431 miles
RostockGermany701 km435 miles
BincheBelgium707 km439 miles
BrusselsBelgium714 km443 miles
LeerGermany721 km448 miles
StralsundGermany722 km448 miles
WilhelmshavenGermany723 km449 miles
NeumünsterGermany729 km453 miles
AntwerpBelgium730 km453 miles
BinzGermany734 km456 miles
CuxhavenGermany739 km459 miles
EmdenGermany743 km461 miles
WarsawPoland754 km468 miles
KielGermany754 km468 miles
RendsburgGermany760 km472 miles
HeideGermany762 km473 miles
RotterdamNetherlands765 km475 miles
NorddeichGermany767 km476 miles
AmsterdamNetherlands771 km479 miles
MarseilleFrance779 km484 miles
LilleFrance789 km490 miles
HusumGermany791 km491 miles
ParisFrance795 km494 miles
BrugesBelgium803 km499 miles
YpresBelgium809 km502 miles
FlensburgGermany815 km506 miles
GdanskPoland826 km513 miles
NiebüllGermany829 km515 miles
OdenseDenmark864 km537 miles
MalmoSweden868 km539 miles
CopenhagenDenmark875 km543 miles
AarhusDenmark950 km590 miles
BrasovRomania985 km612 miles
BrightonEngland1011 km628 miles
LondonEngland1031 km640 miles
Kingston Upon ThamesEngland1039 km645 miles
CambridgeEngland1042 km647 miles
GuildfordEngland1052 km653 miles
BucharestRomania1073 km666 miles
PortsmouthEngland1075 km668 miles
BordeauxFrance1094 km679 miles
GothenburgSweden1104 km686 miles
OxfordEngland1114 km692 miles
BarcelonaSpain1115 km692 miles
SalisburyEngland1130 km702 miles
StratfordEngland1158 km719 miles
CheltenhamEngland1172 km728 miles
BathEngland1176 km730 miles
BirminghamEngland1181 km733 miles
SheffieldEngland1194 km741 miles
LeedsEngland1219 km757 miles
HerefordEngland1219 km757 miles
CardiffWales1234 km766 miles
ManchesterEngland1244 km773 miles
BlackpoolEngland1309 km813 miles
StockholmSweden1323 km822 miles
NewquayEngland1347 km836 miles
BangorWales1351 km839 miles
OsloNorway1354 km841 miles
AthensGreece1386 km861 miles
SoriaSpain1392 km864 miles
ValenciaSpain1418 km881 miles
EdinburghScotland1429 km887 miles
GlasgowScotland1481 km920 miles
DublinIreland1489 km925 miles
BelfastNorthern Ireland1514 km940 miles
MadridSpain1563 km971 miles
HelsinkiFinland1574 km977 miles
CorkIreland1602 km995 miles
DerryNorthern Ireland1605 km997 miles
TampereFinland1666 km1035 miles
PortoPortugal1861 km1156 miles
MalagaSpain1884 km1170 miles
SevilleSpain1931 km1199 miles
LisbonPortugal2049 km1272 miles
FaroPortugal2086 km1295 miles
KirunaSweden2265 km1407 miles

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