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How far from Salzburg to ...?

Cities and towns close to Salzburg

This table shows the distance in km and miles from Salzburg to each of the other cities featured on European Rail Guide.

Please note the distances are rounded to the nearest mile and show the distance from city centre to city centre in a straight line.

Use this table to see which cities are close to Salzburg so that you can make the most of your trip and see more places.

Distance to other towns and cities

CityCountryDistance kmDistance miles
MunichGermany115 km71 miles
InnsbruckAustria137 km85 miles
Cesky KrumlovCzech Republic146 km91 miles
RegensburgGermany153 km95 miles
AugsburgGermany171 km106 miles
FüssenGermany177 km110 miles
KlatovyCzech Republic178 km111 miles
PilsenCzech Republic218 km135 miles
UlmGermany236 km147 miles
AnsbachGermany246 km153 miles
ViennaAustria252 km156 miles
BayreuthGermany262 km163 miles
VeniceItaly268 km166 miles
PragueCzech Republic270 km168 miles
Karlovy VaryCzech Republic271 km168 miles
HofGermany291 km181 miles
RijekaCroatia294 km183 miles
StuttgartGermany306 km190 miles
BratislavaSlovakia306 km190 miles
WurzburgGermany318 km197 miles
ZagrebCroatia319 km198 miles
ZwickauGermany326 km202 miles
ChemnitzGermany337 km209 miles
ZurichSwitzerland341 km212 miles
Reinhardtsdorf-SchönaGermany353 km219 miles
MeiningenGermany360 km224 miles
DresdenGermany363 km225 miles
JenaGermany363 km225 miles
HeidelbergGermany367 km228 miles
KarlsruheGermany368 km229 miles
ErfurtGermany382 km237 miles
NaumburgGermany383 km238 miles
MannheimGermany385 km239 miles
FreiburgGermany387 km240 miles
BautzenGermany389 km242 miles
FuldaGermany391 km243 miles
DarmstadtGermany395 km245 miles
LeipzigGermany396 km246 miles
KehlGermany396 km246 miles
GörlitzGermany398 km247 miles
FrankfurtGermany409 km254 miles
HalleGermany417 km259 miles
BebraGermany424 km263 miles
MainzGermany426 km265 miles
GiessenGermany443 km275 miles
CottbusGermany450 km279 miles
Dessau-RoßlauGermany452 km281 miles
BudapestHungary453 km281 miles
WittenbergGermany453 km281 miles
KasselGermany467 km290 miles
FlorenceItaly469 km291 miles
GöttingenGermany471 km292 miles
IvreaItaly471 km292 miles
SaarbrückenGermany472 km293 miles
HalberstadtGermany477 km296 miles
ForbachFrance478 km297 miles
KoblenzGermany487 km302 miles
ViareggioItaly488 km303 miles
MagdeburgGermany492 km306 miles
GenoaItaly494 km307 miles
SiegenGermany500 km311 miles
CochemGermany502 km312 miles
PotsdamGermany511 km317 miles
TrierGermany517 km321 miles
NancyFrance517 km321 miles
IgelGermany521 km324 miles
BerlinGermany526 km327 miles
NürburgGermany526 km327 miles
MetzFrance527 km327 miles
BraunschweigGermany528 km328 miles
ThionvilleFrance534 km332 miles
WolfsburgGermany538 km334 miles
SiegburgGermany538 km334 miles
StendalGermany540 km335 miles
BonnGermany540 km335 miles

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