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Bratislava to Vienna: Two Capitals in a Weekend

Only one hour apart but two distinct cities

London to Paris on the Eurostar: The Ultimate Romantic Trip

If it is the ultimate London to Paris romance package you want then look no further.

When to go on your European Rail adventure

We outline what the year looks like in Europe and let you know where you should be and when.

London to the Alps on the overnight Eurostar

Whether you're a snowboarder or a skier you'll appreciate this more civilised way to get to the Alps.

London to Romania by train

Beautiful, peaceful and, on the whole friendly, it is well worth making the time to see before modernity inevitably hits.

London to Istanbul by train

One of the longer train journeys across Europe, London to Istanbul is still very much doable and takes in some of the continent’s most interesting cities and trains.

London to Berlin by overnight train

London to Berlin by train is a well-traveled route, guaranteed to throw up a mix of backpackers, commuters, German businessmen and those on their way to Eastern Europe and beyond.

The benefits of travelling by train

If you are wondering whether or not travelling by train is a better alternative to air and car travel read on.

The Algarve

As a former kingdom in its own right, the Algarve has a rich past and promising future.


Nestling in the southern depths of Germany at the foot of the Alps, Bavaria is easily the largest of Germany's states and its most popular holiday destination.