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Local languageRomanian
Country Romania


Despite being recognized, worldwide, as a cultural destination, Bucharest is actually a relatively new city, first referred to around 1459. In 1862, Bucharest became the official capital of Romania. Since then, the city has wasted no time in establishing itself as the cultural and economic capital of Romania, gathering national acclaim as the place to go for media, arts and culture. In fact, it has become so sophisticated that it is often referred to as “Paris of the East”.

During World War Two, Bucharest suffered considerable destruction, but this did little to impede the development of this thriving city. Recently, Bucharest has experienced a substantial economic boom. Today, the population of Bucharest is approximately 2 million.

Things to do

Apart from the many lakes and gardens dotted around the city that attract those looking for a relaxed get away, there are also plenty of architecturally interesting buildings and diverse entertainment venues to enjoy.

The Palace of the Parliament is a particularly prominent landmark, built quite recently in the 1980s. To this day, this building is the largest in Europe, which makes it pretty difficult to miss! Other attractions include the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Memorial of Rebirth and the Romanian Athenaeum.

Local transport

The public transport system in Bucharest is recognised as being the most developed of its kind in Romania. Bucharest boasts a very efficient underground system appropriately called the Bucharest Metro. Overground is equally efficient, with a combination of buses, trams, light rail and trolleybuses all readily available.

As well as having a good transport system within the city, Bucharest has excellent national and international links. There are two main airports, one of which deals primarily with international flights and the other mainly with domestic air traffic, although there is naturally some overlap.

Bucharest is also the hub of Romania’s national rail network which connects Bucharest with other Romanian cities and internationally to cities such as Sofia, Vienna and Prague. There is also a wide range of main roads offering quick and efficient routes to and from the city.

Recommended places and events to visit in Bucharest

Event (During July)
B’estfest Tunari-Pipera, Bucharest