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Nearest places...

Halle Germany 32 km
Naumburg Germany 44 km
Dessau-Roßlau Germany 55 km
Wittenberg Germany 62 km
Chemnitz Germany 68 km
Zwickau Germany 70 km
Jena Germany 71 km
Dresden Germany 101 km
Erfurt Germany 101 km
Magdeburg Germany 102 km
Halberstadt Germany 110 km
Hof Germany 118 km
Potsdam Germany 127 km
Karlovy Vary Czech Republic 128 km
Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna Germany 137 km
Cottbus Germany 143 km
Bautzen Germany 144 km
Stendal Germany 144 km
Berlin Germany 150 km
Wolfsburg Germany 162 km

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