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Ypres Belgium 46 km
Lille France 65 km
Antwerp Belgium 82 km
Brussels Belgium 88 km
Calais France 100 km
Binche Belgium 110 km
Rotterdam Netherlands 117 km
Boulogne-sur-Mer France 125 km
Amiens France 160 km
Amsterdam Netherlands 173 km
Aachen Germany 205 km
Dieppe France 208 km
Reims France 224 km
London England 235 km
Brighton England 238 km
Cambridge England 240 km
Kingston Upon Thames England 245 km
Epernay France 246 km
Duisburg Germany 247 km
Düsseldorf Germany 247 km

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Visitor Attraction
Bruges Market Square Bruges Market Square
Procession of the Holy Blood Picture
Event (During May)
Procession of the Holy Blood Bruges
Event (During October to November)
Choco Late Chocolate Festival Bruges Museum-Belfry, Markt 7 8000 Bruges

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