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How far from Paris to ...?

Cities and towns close to Paris

This table shows the distance in km and miles from Paris to each of the other cities featured on European Rail Guide.

Please note the distances are rounded to the nearest mile and show the distance from city centre to city centre in a straight line.

Use this table to see which cities are close to Paris so that you can make the most of your trip and see more places.

Distance to other towns and cities

CityCountryDistance kmDistance miles
OrleansFrance110 km68 miles
RouenFrance115 km71 miles
AmiensFrance117 km73 miles
EpernayFrance117 km73 miles
ReimsFrance129 km80 miles
DieppeFrance153 km95 miles
Le HavreFrance181 km112 miles
Le MansFrance186 km116 miles
ToursFrance204 km127 miles
LilleFrance205 km127 miles
CaenFrance205 km127 miles
BincheBelgium216 km134 miles
Boulogne-sur-MerFrance217 km135 miles
YpresBelgium226 km140 miles
CalaisFrance238 km148 miles
Saint-LôFrance256 km159 miles
BrusselsBelgium264 km164 miles
AngersFrance266 km165 miles
BrugesBelgium270 km168 miles
MetzFrance278 km173 miles
NancyFrance278 km173 miles
ThionvilleFrance281 km175 miles
LuxembourgLuxembourg285 km177 miles
BrightonEngland287 km178 miles
AntwerpBelgium301 km187 miles
Cherbourg-OctevilleFrance304 km189 miles
DolFrance305 km189 miles
RennesFrance310 km193 miles
IgelGermany317 km197 miles
TrierGermany324 km201 miles
PortsmouthEngland331 km206 miles
ForbachFrance331 km206 miles
SaarbrückenGermany339 km211 miles
GuildfordEngland340 km211 miles
AachenGermany342 km212 miles
Kingston Upon ThamesEngland344 km214 miles
NantesFrance344 km214 miles
LondonEngland346 km215 miles
RedonFrance356 km221 miles
NürburgGermany369 km229 miles
RotterdamNetherlands373 km232 miles
La Roche-sur-YonFrance373 km232 miles
CochemGermany374 km232 miles
Saint BrieucFrance380 km236 miles
SalisburyEngland388 km241 miles
LyonFrance389 km242 miles
BonnGermany398 km247 miles
KehlGermany399 km248 miles
CologneGermany402 km250 miles
Le CroisicFrance402 km250 miles
CambridgeEngland406 km252 miles
GenevaSwitzerland406 km252 miles
SiegburgGermany408 km253 miles
DüsseldorfGermany411 km255 miles
KoblenzGermany411 km255 miles
FreiburgGermany414 km257 miles
OxfordEngland414 km257 miles
DuisburgGermany424 km263 miles
AmsterdamNetherlands430 km267 miles
WuppertalGermany435 km270 miles
KarlsruheGermany439 km273 miles
EssenGermany439 km273 miles
BathEngland440 km273 miles
MainzGermany444 km276 miles
MannheimGermany447 km278 miles
MorlaixFrance457 km284 miles
HeidelbergGermany462 km287 miles
SiegenGermany462 km287 miles
CheltenhamEngland464 km288 miles
DarmstadtGermany467 km290 miles
RoscoffFrance467 km290 miles
DortmundGermany467 km290 miles
StratfordEngland471 km292 miles
FrankfurtGermany476 km296 miles
ZurichSwitzerland485 km301 miles

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