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How far from Paris to ...?

Cities and towns close to Paris

This table shows the distance in km and miles from Paris to each of the other cities featured on European Rail Guide.

Please note the distances are rounded to the nearest mile and show the distance from city centre to city centre in a straight line.

Use this table to see which cities are close to Paris so that you can make the most of your trip and see more places.

Distance to other towns and cities

CityCountryDistance kmDistance miles
LilleFrance205 km127 miles
BincheBelgium216 km134 miles
YpresBelgium226 km140 miles
BrusselsBelgium264 km164 miles
BrugesBelgium270 km168 miles
LuxembourgLuxembourg285 km177 miles
BrightonEngland287 km178 miles
AntwerpBelgium301 km187 miles
IgelGermany317 km197 miles
TrierGermany324 km201 miles
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PortsmouthEngland331 km206 miles
GuildfordEngland340 km211 miles
AachenGermany342 km212 miles
Kingston Upon ThamesEngland344 km214 miles
LondonEngland346 km215 miles
RotterdamNetherlands373 km232 miles
SalisburyEngland388 km241 miles
LyonFrance389 km242 miles
BonnGermany398 km247 miles
CologneGermany402 km250 miles
CambridgeEngland406 km252 miles
GenevaSwitzerland406 km252 miles
SiegburgGermany408 km253 miles
KoblenzGermany411 km255 miles
DüsseldorfGermany411 km255 miles
OxfordEngland414 km257 miles
Duisburg Germany424 km263 miles
AmsterdamNetherlands430 km267 miles
WuppertalGermany435 km270 miles
EssenGermany439 km273 miles
BathEngland440 km273 miles
HeidelbergGermany462 km287 miles
SiegenGermany462 km287 miles
CheltenhamEngland464 km288 miles
DortmundGermany467 km290 miles
StratfordEngland471 km292 miles
FrankfurtGermany476 km296 miles
ZurichSwitzerland485 km301 miles
CardiffWales493 km306 miles
StuttgartGermany497 km309 miles
BordeauxFrance499 km310 miles
BirminghamEngland505 km314 miles
MünsterGermany508 km315 miles
HerefordEngland508 km315 miles
RheineGermany522 km324 miles
OsnabrückGermany553 km343 miles
WurzburgGermany556 km345 miles
IvreaItaly559 km347 miles
UlmGermany561 km348 miles
NewquayEngland565 km351 miles
SheffieldEngland572 km355 miles
KasselGermany577 km358 miles
LeerGermany602 km374 miles
EmdenGermany605 km376 miles
MeiningenGermany607 km377 miles
ManchesterEngland608 km378 miles
GöttingenGermany614 km381 miles
LeedsEngland615 km382 miles
NorddeichGermany625 km388 miles
OldenburgGermany628 km390 miles
HannoverGermany648 km402 miles
BremenGermany650 km404 miles
WilhelmshavenGermany655 km407 miles
MarseilleFrance657 km408 miles
ErfurtGermany662 km411 miles
BangorWales667 km414 miles
BlackpoolEngland669 km415 miles
MunichGermany681 km423 miles
NiceFrance682 km424 miles
CelleGermany685 km425 miles
BraunschweigGermany688 km427 miles
InnsbruckAustria691 km429 miles
GenoaItaly701 km435 miles
HalberstadtGermany701 km435 miles
CuxhavenGermany708 km440 miles
WolfsburgGermany713 km443 miles
FüssenGermany725 km450 miles
UelzenGermany733 km455 miles
HalleGermany742 km461 miles
LueneburgGermany743 km461 miles
HamburgGermany743 km461 miles
MagdeburgGermany747 km464 miles
HeideGermany754 km468 miles
LeipzigGermany763 km474 miles
Karlovy VaryCzech Republic771 km479 miles
Dessau-RoßlauGermany774 km481 miles
HusumGermany775 km481 miles
DublinIreland780 km484 miles
NeumünsterGermany783 km486 miles
Stendal Germany785 km487 miles
RendsburgGermany787 km489 miles
NiebüllGermany795 km494 miles
KlatovyCzech Republic795 km494 miles
SalzburgAustria795 km494 miles
WittenbergGermany801 km497 miles
PilsenCzech Republic802 km498 miles
LudwigslustGermany805 km500 miles
KielGermany810 km503 miles
ViareggioItaly816 km507 miles
FlensburgGermany818 km508 miles
SchwerinGermany822 km510 miles
BarcelonaSpain828 km514 miles
CorkIreland841 km522 miles
VeniceItaly841 km522 miles
DresdenGermany846 km525 miles
PotsdamGermany849 km527 miles
BelfastNorthern Ireland857 km532 miles
Cesky KrumlovCzech Republic872 km542 miles
SoriaSpain873 km542 miles
PragueCzech Republic875 km543 miles
EdinburghScotland875 km543 miles
BerlinGermany876 km544 miles
FlorenceItaly883 km548 miles
RostockGermany890 km553 miles
NeustrelitzGermany897 km557 miles
BautzenGermany897 km557 miles
GlasgowScotland900 km559 miles
CottbusGermany907 km563 miles
OdenseDenmark909 km564 miles
NeubrandenburgGermany919 km571 miles
AngermündeGermany935 km581 miles
DerryNorthern Ireland943 km586 miles
StralsundGermany954 km592 miles
ZüssowGermany960 km596 miles
AarhusDenmark967 km601 miles
BinzGermany988 km614 miles
RijekaCroatia990 km615 miles
CopenhagenDenmark1026 km637 miles
ViennaAustria1030 km640 miles
MalmoSweden1034 km642 miles
MadridSpain1052 km653 miles
TerniItaly1057 km656 miles
ValenciaSpain1064 km661 miles
ZagrebCroatia1084 km673 miles
BratislavaSlovakia1086 km674 miles
RomeItaly1101 km684 miles
GothenburgSweden1171 km727 miles
PortoPortugal1213 km753 miles
SplitCroatia1230 km764 miles
BudapestHungary1243 km772 miles
KrakowPoland1270 km789 miles
GdanskPoland1274 km791 miles
OsloNorway1341 km833 miles
WarsawPoland1370 km851 miles
DubrovnikCroatia1394 km866 miles
SevilleSpain1441 km895 miles
BelgradeSerbia1443 km896 miles
LisbonPortugal1454 km903 miles
MalagaSpain1455 km904 miles
StockholmSweden1542 km958 miles
FaroPortugal1556 km966 miles
BrasovRomania1780 km1105 miles
BucharestRomania1867 km1159 miles
HelsinkiFinland1907 km1184 miles
TampereFinland1937 km1203 miles
AthensGreece2082 km1293 miles
KirunaSweden2335 km1450 miles

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