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Nearest places...

Magdeburg Germany 54 km
Wolfsburg Germany 74 km
Ludwigslust Germany 83 km
Potsdam Germany 85 km
Dessau-Roßlau Germany 89 km
Uelzen Germany 95 km
Halberstadt Germany 95 km
Braunschweig Germany 98 km
Wittenberg Germany 98 km
Berlin Germany 106 km
Neustrelitz Germany 117 km
Schwerin Germany 118 km
Celle Germany 119 km
Lueneburg Germany 120 km
Halle Germany 124 km
Neubrandenburg Germany 142 km
Leipzig Germany 144 km
Hannover Germany 147 km
Angermünde Germany 152 km
Naumburg Germany 161 km

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