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The Eurostar operating between London and Paris/Brussels is now a firm favorite with European Rail travelers.
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The Thalys service in Belguim connects Brussels to Paris, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Amsterdam. The service from Brussels to Paris.
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The ICE (Inter-City Express) service operates primarily in Germany serving 32 destinations, though there are also some ICE rail links to Switzerland and Austria.
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The AVE trains of Spain operate on the Madrid-Cordova-Seville route, covering the distance from Madrid to Seville in just 2h30.
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The network of high-speed TGV trains, which have been in existence since 1981, connects 150 destinations in both France and the rest of Europe.
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Talgo 200

Also operating in Spain and similar to the AVE, the 140mph Talgo 200 trains provide the link between Madrid-Cordova-Malaga in 4h25 and Madrid-Cordova-Seville-Cadiz in 5hrs.
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Providing a high-speed connection between France and Italy is the Artesia train running along beautiful countryside routes, such as those between Paris, Lyon, Milan and Turin.
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One of the world's premier trains, the X2000 of Sweden is famed not only for its magnificent speed but also for the provision of a service to match.
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The relatively new ES trains in Italy provide high-speed connections to all major Italian cities and towns including Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples.
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With routes between Germany, Switzerland and Italy, the Cisalpino offers further choice to the traveller.
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Running on the Madrid - Valencia - Castello/Gandia route in Spain, these trains provide the quickest train link on this route and use a up to four tilting carriages for each train.
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Alfa Pendular

These high-speed Alfa Pendular trains operate in Portugal to connect Lisbon with the other major Portugese cities of Braga, Faro and Porto.
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The Altaria service in Spain provides excellent connections between the country's capital, Madrid, and several major Spannish cities including Barcelona, Pamplona, Cadiz, Algecircas and Alecante.
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Czech Pendolino

Perhaps most famous for its appearance in the 2006 James Bond film 'Casino Royale', the Czech Pendolino entered service in December 2005 on the route between Prague and Ostrava.
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InterCity Slovenia

The InterCity Slovenia (ICS) trains operate both domestically in Slovenia but also internationally as routes to neighbouring Italy are serviced by the fleet.
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The Norwegian government decided in 1992 to begin construction on an alternative to Oslo's Fornebu airport which had been the country's primary airport.
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