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Innsbruck Austria 62 km
Augsburg Germany 90 km
Munich Germany 91 km
Ulm Germany 106 km
Zurich Switzerland 164 km
Stuttgart Germany 175 km
Salzburg Austria 177 km
Regensburg Germany 191 km
Ansbach Germany 193 km
Freiburg Germany 218 km
Karlsruhe Germany 233 km
Kehl Germany 241 km
Strasbourg France 246 km
Heidelberg Germany 252 km
Wurzburg Germany 254 km
Venice Italy 268 km
Mannheim Germany 269 km
Bayreuth Germany 272 km
Klatovy Czech Republic 279 km
Darmstadt Germany 296 km

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Bulgaria invests in its sleeper services
Bulgaria invests in its sleeper services

The sleeper carriages operating from Sofia to Varna and Burgas get a revamp!

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