What's On in Europe in February

Here are a list of European events happening in November. We've compiled this list to help you plan your trip to Europe. To view the events in any month just click on the month below.

Events map

Battle of the Oranges
Ivrea, Italy: Town Square, Ivrea, Italy

Berlin International Film Festival
Berlin, Germany: Venues across the capital

Carnaval de Binche
Binche, Belgium: Town Hall, Rue Saint Paul, Binche, Belgium

Carnival (Karneval)
Cologne, Germany: Central Cologne

Dubrovnik Carnival
Dubrovnik, Croatia: Various locations around Dubrovnik

Rainbow Ball
Vienna, Austria: Imperial Palace (Hofburg), Heldenplatz 1010 Vienna

Rijeka Carnival
Rijeka, Croatia: Rijeka

St Valentine's Day
Terni, Italy: Terni, Italy

Venice Carnival
Venice, Italy: Piazza San Marco (focal point), Venice

Viareggio Carnevale
Viareggio, Italy: La Passeggiata, Viareggio

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