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Berlin Germany 27 km
Wittenberg Germany 66 km
Dessau-Ro├člau Germany 84 km
Stendal Germany 85 km
Angerm├╝nde Germany 94 km
Magdeburg Germany 103 km
Neustrelitz Germany 107 km
Cottbus Germany 112 km
Halle Germany 127 km
Leipzig Germany 127 km
Neubrandenburg Germany 129 km
Ludwigslust Germany 147 km
Halberstadt Germany 149 km
Wolfsburg Germany 154 km
Dresden Germany 159 km
Naumburg Germany 163 km
Bautzen Germany 164 km
Braunschweig Germany 174 km
Chemnitz Germany 174 km
Schwerin Germany 176 km

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