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Other places not far from Rostock

Nearest places...

Stralsund Germany 66 km
Schwerin Germany 69 km
Züssow Germany 93 km
Neubrandenburg Germany 94 km
Ludwigslust Germany 95 km
Neustrelitz Germany 101 km
Binz Germany 101 km
Kiel Germany 133 km
Neumünster Germany 140 km
Lueneburg Germany 147 km
Hamburg Germany 153 km
Uelzen Germany 162 km
Rendsburg Germany 162 km
Stendal Germany 166 km
Angermünde Germany 170 km
Malmo Sweden 176 km
Copenhagen Denmark 178 km
Odense Denmark 184 km
Flensburg Germany 191 km
Berlin Germany 193 km

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