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Klatovy Czech Republic 40 km
Karlovy Vary Czech Republic 65 km
Prague Czech Republic 80 km
Hof Germany 122 km
Regensburg Germany 124 km
Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic 124 km
Zwickau Germany 124 km
Chemnitz Germany 125 km
Bayreuth Germany 131 km
Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna Germany 139 km
Dresden Germany 145 km
Bautzen Germany 176 km
Jena Germany 182 km
Leipzig Germany 191 km
Naumburg Germany 191 km
Görlitz Germany 193 km
Ansbach Germany 207 km
Erfurt Germany 215 km
Halle Germany 217 km
Salzburg Austria 218 km

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Event (During September)
Sun in a Glass Microbrewery Festival Purkmistr Brewery Yard, 326 00 Pilsen