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How far from London to ...?

Cities and towns close to London

This table shows the distance in km and miles from London to each of the other cities featured on European Rail Guide.

Please note the distances are rounded to the nearest mile and show the distance from city centre to city centre in a straight line.

Use this table to see which cities are close to London so that you can make the most of your trip and see more places.

Distance to other towns and cities

CityCountryDistance kmDistance miles
Kingston Upon ThamesEngland15 km9 miles
GuildfordEngland43 km27 miles
BrightonEngland74 km46 miles
CambridgeEngland79 km49 miles
OxfordEngland82 km51 miles
PortsmouthEngland104 km65 miles
SalisburyEngland126 km78 miles
StratfordEngland132 km82 miles
CheltenhamEngland141 km88 miles
Boulogne-sur-MerFrance149 km93 miles
CalaisFrance151 km94 miles
BathEngland155 km96 miles
BirminghamEngland162 km101 miles
HerefordEngland188 km117 miles
DieppeFrance196 km122 miles
CardiffWales211 km131 miles
YpresBelgium222 km138 miles
Le HavreFrance225 km140 miles
SheffieldEngland227 km141 miles
Cherbourg-OctevilleFrance234 km145 miles
BrugesBelgium235 km146 miles
LilleFrance243 km151 miles
RouenFrance246 km153 miles
AmiensFrance248 km154 miles
CaenFrance259 km161 miles
ManchesterEngland261 km162 miles
LeedsEngland272 km169 miles
Saint-LôFrance274 km170 miles
AntwerpBelgium316 km196 miles
BrusselsBelgium320 km199 miles
RotterdamNetherlands320 km199 miles
BlackpoolEngland323 km201 miles
BincheBelgium324 km201 miles
BangorWales332 km206 miles
ParisFrance346 km215 miles
DolFrance348 km216 miles
AmsterdamNetherlands357 km222 miles
NewquayEngland368 km229 miles
Saint BrieucFrance382 km237 miles
ReimsFrance386 km240 miles
Le MansFrance390 km242 miles
RennesFrance393 km244 miles
EpernayFrance399 km248 miles
RoscoffFrance414 km257 miles
MorlaixFrance419 km260 miles
OrleansFrance427 km265 miles
AachenGermany440 km273 miles
AngersFrance449 km279 miles
RedonFrance451 km280 miles
ToursFrance461 km286 miles
DublinIreland461 km286 miles
BrestFrance466 km289 miles
DuisburgGermany477 km296 miles
DüsseldorfGermany480 km298 miles
QuimperFrance483 km300 miles
NantesFrance488 km303 miles
LuxembourgLuxembourg489 km304 miles
EssenGermany494 km307 miles
CologneGermany497 km309 miles
Le CroisicFrance499 km310 miles
ThionvilleFrance505 km314 miles
WuppertalGermany507 km315 miles
IgelGermany511 km317 miles
BonnGermany511 km317 miles
NürburgGermany512 km318 miles
TrierGermany515 km320 miles
BelfastNorthern Ireland517 km321 miles
SiegburgGermany517 km321 miles
MetzFrance520 km323 miles
DortmundGermany525 km326 miles
RheineGermany525 km326 miles
EdinburghScotland533 km331 miles
CochemGermany534 km332 miles
MünsterGermany536 km333 miles
EmdenGermany538 km334 miles

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