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Darmstadt Germany 27 km
Mainz Germany 32 km
Giessen Germany 52 km
Mannheim Germany 71 km
Heidelberg Germany 79 km
Koblenz Germany 82 km
Fulda Germany 85 km
Wurzburg Germany 96 km
Siegen Germany 98 km
Cochem Germany 108 km
Bebra Germany 123 km
Karlsruhe Germany 124 km
Nürburg Germany 126 km
Siegburg Germany 130 km
Bonn Germany 132 km
Meiningen Germany 132 km
Kassel Germany 146 km
Kordel Germany 150 km
Trier Germany 151 km
Stuttgart Germany 153 km

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Event (During August to September)
Museumsuferfest Schaumainkai, 60594 Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurter Dom Picture
Visitor Attraction
Frankfurter Dom Domplatz 14
Visitor Attraction
Jüdisches Museum Untermainkai 14-15
Visitor Attraction
Deutsches Filmmuseum Schaumainkai 41
Visitor Attraction
Main Tower Neue Mainzer Strasse 52-58
Visitor Attraction
The Romerberg Romerberg
Visitor Attraction
Schaumainkai Museumsufer
Visitor Attraction
Kleinmarkthalle Hasengasse 5-7
Visitor Attraction
Schiller Passage Rahmhofstr 2
Event (During August)
Mainfest Römerberg, Main Quay, Frankfurt

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