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Lueneburg Germany 33 km
Celle Germany 50 km
Wolfsburg Germany 62 km
Ludwigslust Germany 73 km
Hamburg Germany 76 km
Braunschweig Germany 78 km
Hannover Germany 88 km
Schwerin Germany 93 km
Stendal Germany 95 km
Magdeburg Germany 116 km
Bremen Germany 119 km
Halberstadt Germany 123 km
Neum├╝nster Germany 129 km
Kiel Germany 155 km
Oldenburg Germany 158 km
Cuxhaven Germany 159 km
Rendsburg Germany 160 km
Rostock Germany 162 km
G├Âttingen Germany 165 km
Heide Germany 168 km

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Bulgaria invests in its sleeper services
Bulgaria invests in its sleeper services

The sleeper carriages operating from Sofia to Varna and Burgas get a revamp!

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