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How far from Munich to ...?

Cities and towns close to Munich

This table shows the distance in km and miles from Munich to each of the other cities featured on European Rail Guide.

Please note the distances are rounded to the nearest mile and show the distance from city centre to city centre in a straight line.

Use this table to see which cities are close to Munich so that you can make the most of your trip and see more places.

Distance to other towns and cities

CityCountryDistance kmDistance miles
AugsburgGermany56 km35 miles
FüssenGermany91 km57 miles
InnsbruckAustria98 km61 miles
RegensburgGermany104 km65 miles
SalzburgAustria115 km71 miles
UlmGermany121 km75 miles
AnsbachGermany148 km92 miles
KlatovyCzech Republic188 km117 miles
StuttgartGermany190 km118 miles
BayreuthGermany201 km125 miles
Cesky KrumlovCzech Republic215 km134 miles
WurzburgGermany220 km137 miles
PilsenCzech Republic222 km138 miles
HofGermany243 km151 miles
ZurichSwitzerland243 km151 miles
Karlovy VaryCzech Republic251 km156 miles
KarlsruheGermany253 km157 miles
HeidelbergGermany255 km158 miles
MannheimGermany273 km170 miles
FreiburgGermany278 km173 miles
MeiningenGermany281 km175 miles
KehlGermany282 km175 miles
DarmstadtGermany287 km178 miles
ZwickauGermany293 km182 miles
PragueCzech Republic295 km183 miles
FuldaGermany301 km187 miles
FrankfurtGermany304 km189 miles
VeniceItaly306 km190 miles
JenaGermany310 km193 miles
ChemnitzGermany315 km196 miles
MainzGermany318 km197 miles
ErfurtGermany318 km197 miles
NaumburgGermany335 km208 miles
BebraGermany340 km211 miles
GiessenGermany344 km214 miles
ViennaAustria355 km220 miles
SaarbrückenGermany357 km222 miles
DresdenGermany357 km222 miles
Reinhardtsdorf-SchönaGermany359 km223 miles
LeipzigGermany360 km224 miles
ForbachFrance363 km225 miles
HalleGermany373 km232 miles
KoblenzGermany380 km236 miles
RijekaCroatia380 km236 miles
KasselGermany383 km238 miles
CochemGermany391 km243 miles
BautzenGermany395 km245 miles
GöttingenGermany395 km245 miles
SiegenGermany399 km248 miles
TrierGermany403 km250 miles
NancyFrance403 km250 miles
IgelGermany407 km253 miles
IvreaItaly409 km254 miles
BratislavaSlovakia411 km255 miles
MetzFrance411 km255 miles
Dessau-RoßlauGermany413 km256 miles
GörlitzGermany415 km258 miles
NürburgGermany415 km258 miles
HalberstadtGermany419 km260 miles
ThionvilleFrance419 km260 miles
WittenbergGermany421 km261 miles
ZagrebCroatia428 km266 miles
LuxembourgLuxembourg430 km267 miles
SiegburgGermany433 km269 miles
BonnGermany433 km269 miles
MagdeburgGermany444 km276 miles
CottbusGermany448 km278 miles
CologneGermany456 km283 miles
GenoaItaly463 km288 miles
GenevaSwitzerland464 km288 miles
BraunschweigGermany465 km289 miles
WuppertalGermany470 km292 miles
DortmundGermany477 km296 miles
WolfsburgGermany479 km297 miles
PotsdamGermany485 km301 miles

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